Investor Relations

What are Artner’s features and strengths?

Here, we offer a simple outline of the main features and strengths of our business.


After the business was established as a design and development company in 1962, it grew steadily by providing design and development services for manufacturers in the Keihanshin (Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe) industrial region that were helping to drive Japan’s economic boom. Essentially, we are a body of engineers steeped in design and development, with longstanding relationships of trust with our client companies and a strong track record of achievements spanning close to 60 years.

Fields of activity

Artner’s engineers operate in a very broad range of fields, participating in many “upstream” state-of-the-art projects both in pure research and in design and development, delivering a remarkable variety of technical services to major companies in the automotive, consumer appliances and electronics, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and information and telecommunications industries. The technologies our engineers work on include electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and other eco-friendly cars, driver assistance technology, racing cars, semiconductor exposure devices, industrial robots, and system application development.

Fields of technology/New employee training

At Artner, we believe that the growth and development of each and every one of our engineers is an indispensable factor in meeting the sophisticated needs of our client companies. For this reason, we hire all our engineers as regular, full-time employees and train them thoroughly in the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to work successfully. As necessary, we also provide customized training focused on the specific needs of particular clients. At our East Japan and West Japan Learning Centers, as well as at our bases in Utsunomiya and Nagoya, new employees are trained in the technology fields of machinery, electronics, software (control software), and software (data processing).

Upgrading skills

To improve the skills of our engineers even further, Artner holds seminars on a wide variety of subjects. We have also set up a support system that offers our engineers the opportunity to obtain the qualifications recommended for specific design and development job descriptions and grades, with all study costs covered by the company. We also place a lot of importance on information sharing between employees to keep them informed about the latest technologies as well as the development environments and situations of different clients.

Career paths

Artner offers a number of career paths to suit the needs and preferences of different engineers. For example, some engineers seek a high-paying job in a cutting-edge workplace to polish their skills; some wish to work within a limited geographical area; some want a job that allows them to return to their hometowns; some want to go and work for a manufacturer; and some want to continue to work on the frontline until their retirement. On top of this, our engineers also have the option to focus on different roles, such as technical expert, trainer, manager, or post-retirement consultant.


Artner is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As a publicly listed company, we are very conscious of our social responsibility, so we consider compliance with all applicable laws and regulations a top priority. For this reason, we work to constantly improve our compliance systems. In addition, we operate our business in accordance with the standards of the Privacy Mark System and the Excellent Temporary Work Agencies Certification System, working toward the realization of the U.N.’s SDG goals.

Engineer support company

As an “engineer support company,” Artner is committed to listening to the voices of engineers and doing our best to support them, as individuals, in their personal and career development.