Organizational Structure

To respond to diversifying client needs as industrial structure changes, as well as to the increasing geographic spread and diversity of manufacturing processes, Artner’s business strategy is focused on three distinct market segments—“high value,” “wide value,” and “product value.”
On the basis of this system, we are hiring and training personnel suited to each segment, so that we can supply engineers that are very precisely matched to the needs of our clients.

High Value Group: Outsourcing of high-end engineers

This market segment requires advanced technical skills and design, e.g., advanced development, R&D.
Earning high-level performance-based remuneration, our elite engineers tackle top-secret and high-level design and development work.

Wide Value Group: Region-Specific and Stable Outsourcing of Engineers

This market segment covers a wide range of design-related tasks and corresponds to the majority of design and development work.
Under our “limited area system,” after three years of service, engineers can choose to work within one region of Japan only—“Kanto,” “Chubu,” or “Kansai.”

Product Value Group

This market segment is associated with quality assurance, assembly and adjustment, and other aspects of product quality and production.

Engineer Agency Business Division: Career change support business, mid-career and new college graduate employment

Supporting the development of favorable relationships between engineers and corporate clients as an engineer support company

Our Engineer Agency Business Division supports the development of favorable employment relations by honoring the diverse choices of engineers who look to chart their own future careers and ensuring mutual benefits for engineers and corporate clients.

In addition, the business division also serves as a consultation desk for mid-career and fresh college graduate employment, and provides support services to external people who are looking for new employment, looking to switch employment or just graduated from college and who are attracted by our business model.

Human Resources Business Division: Education

Support for individual career formation through training and education with a view to expanding opportunities for engineers

Our Human Resources Business Division is engaged in education and training of engineers. It supports skill enhancement and reliable career building for individual engineers through human resources development centered on our highly regarded T-shaped specialist education system.