Outline of CSR Activities

Engineer Support Company

By pursuing activities that align with our basic CSR policies, Artner aims at earning and maintaining the trust of all company stakeholders, so that we can grow sustainably.

Cultivating people

This goal is built around Artner’s concept of education and training, which aims at equipping people with knowledge and skills, as well as self-confidence and real, practical knowhow. We see our role as very important—cultivating human resources who not only possess advanced technical expertise, but also the capability and capacity to work successfully for our industry-leading client companies.
In their training work, our instructors make use of the wealth of knowledge they have acquired through participation in academic societies and industry partnerships.

Employee happiness

Artner works hard to promote work environments that respect diversity and enable employees to engage in meaningful and satisfying work.
In September 2011, we established a division focused on providing opportunities for people with disabilities, and year by year, we are expanding on this initiative.
Furthermore, we are actively working to promote greater opportunities for women through a variety of training programs.

Corporate governance

We believe that good corporate governance is of the greatest importance for fulfilling our responsibilities to stakeholders and earning their trust.
In pursuit of business efficiency and soundness, we have built a management system that enables flexible adaptation to change.

Contributing to society

To help young people develop a programming mindset and skills, we offer computer programming classes for elementary school students. We also plan to expand on our programming education initiatives in the future.