Investor Relations


Regarding Information Provided on this Website

The information on this website is made available for the purpose of providing financial and management information etc., regarding Artner and its affiliated companies, and no guarantee whatsoever is made regarding the content of that information.

The website does not contain all information disclosed by Artner, and may present information in a manner that is different from information disclosed via other methods. Please note that the information on the website may be revised or retracted without prior notice.

Artner takes the greatest care in preparing the materials provided on this website. However, the company makes no guarantees whatsoever with regard to the accuracy, usefulness or reliability, etc., of the information provided. Artner will not bear responsibility for any damages arising out of usage or non-usage of information on the website.

The information on the website is provided to support an understanding of Artner’s financial and management information, and not intended to solicit investment. Website users are requested to use their own judgment when making actual investment decisions. Neither Artner nor its information providers will bear any responsibility for damages incurred in relation to the information provided on this website.

Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Other than historical facts, the plans, strategies and judgments of Artner provided on the website reflect prospects of future performance prepared by the management of the company based on currently available information, assumptions, and judgments, and include various risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, actual earnings results, etc., reported in the future may vary based on such and other factors.

Regarding links

Some of the pages on this website may contain links or banners that will redirect users to third-party sites that are not administered or operated by Artner. Accordingly, users who wish to access such third-party sites should do so at their own discretion and risk. Artner will not bear any responsibility for the content, etc., of redirected third-party sites.

Furthermore, links and banners on this website other than those described separately on the website do not reflect an affiliation or cooperation between Artner and the companies administering and operating the redirected third-party sites, nor do they constitute an endorsement by Artner of the content of such third-party sites.

Governing Law

All disputes in relation to this website will be referred to the court that has jurisdiction over Artner’s headquarters as the exclusive court of first instance.