Business Fields

A technical partner contributing to business fields that form the core of industrial technology

Your technical partner contributing with technological innovation and promotion in the core industrial technology fields of machinery, electronics, and software (control software and data processing).

Business Fields


Mechanical engineers design the mechanisms of machines with moving parts using 2D/3D CAD tools.


Electronic engineers design the circuit boards that form the heart of equipment and devices and they conduct reliability assessments of such systems.

Software(Control software)

Software (control software) engineers develop software for the operation of electronic equipment with CPUs, including cars, IoT devices, and other fields in which there is a high degree of technology development innovation in the areas of “CASE” (C = Connected, A = Autonomous/Automated, S = Shared, E = Electric).

Software(Data processing)

Software (data processing) engineers develop systems and application software for providing services to users, as well as web and open source systems and package software.