Message from the President and CEO

Artner’s Achievements and Commitments

Artner Co., Ltd. started in 1953 as Sekiguchi Kogyo, which manufactured industrial-use gloves for heavy industry companies operating in the Osaka and Kobe area. In the late 1950s, the Company hired professional tracers and expanded into the business of reproducing and binding design drawings for other companies. As those tracers became more skilled in designing work, we established Osaka Technology Center Co., Ltd. in September 1962, which marked the foundation of our engineer dispatching business.

The Company then diversified into the field of designing and constructing manufacturing plants and facilities as well as production lines, and established a firm foothold in this field, buoyed by booming industrial demand in the Osaka and Kobe area during the period of high economic growth in Japan in the 1960s and early 1970s. Today, Artner provides technical and engineering assistance services to corporate clients in planning, designing, and developing electronic and transportation devices. Our services include assistance in machinery design and development, electrical and electric design and development, and software development. We have become an integral part of our clients’ manufacturing businesses.

As the Japanese industry has gone through structural changes over the years, the industrial needs for technologies have been changing at an accelerated pace—technologies in the fields of machinery, electronics, chemicals, physics, and IT. Therefore, we are updating our business models and operations to better respond to fast-changing industrial needs. In addition, the era is over in which every company in every industry shared growth and prosperity, and we are now in the age of industrial maturity. Artner takes a fresh new approach to remain a viable player in this changing business environment.

While remaining true to our mission of providing first-class engineering support, we will keep pace with changing industrial needs and continue to play our role in promoting corporate social responsibility.

Artner is committed to pursuing business management and operations that will better serve our clients, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders so as to increase our enterprise value.
We look forward to working with you in this endeavor.